Transparency & Responsiveness

Transparency & Responsiveness

As your neighbor, I have always, and will continue to advocate for increased public

participation. I have experienced first-hand the frustrations of being shut-out, silenced or

fought in my attempts to have community views voiced.

In the last dozen years, surveys published by the city of Lakewood show the trust of elected officials and overall rating of Lakewood City Government Performance has greatly diminished.

As your next mayor, I will increase participation and restore trust with plans to:

  • Bring the City Council agenda in line with our community priorities to enact real, enforceable legislative solutions
  • Respect diversity of thought and inclusion of all voices
  • Incorporate public participation on the “front-end” of decision making
  • Consolidate city web sites and pages to create a “one stop shop”
  • Post detailed development project information on line as it is for the county.
  • Include public comment, in person and virtually, at all city meetings, including workshops, study sessions, committee and commission meetings.

I have always advocated for, and will continue to advocate for increased public participation. Hearing from individuals and being responsive to the people we represent is the primary job of elected officials.

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