Growth and Development/Housing

Oversight and community involvement in our land use decisions is crucial to the people of Lakewood. In the 2019 special election, voters clearly stated that they want strategic growth that includes public hearings to ensure developments meet our community needs. Legislation that requires public involvement for large development projects will be put on the agenda under my leadership.

The type of housing we build impacts school population, according to demographers. We are neglecting the need for small, detached single family homes.

I want to help relieve the stress caused by skyrocketing rents. Even when people like teachers can afford a mortgage they are unable to save for a down-payment. My opponent supports those who are already well-capitalized and voted to allow corporate ownership of single family homes for the sole purpose of short-term rentals (air bnb).

We know what works from other communities and can readily model legislation to:

  • Require Public Hearings and City Council Approval for large development projects
  • Protect and honor Lakewood’s heritage by requiring all structures on the state and national historic registries to be included on the Lakewood registry.
  • Implement Inclusionary Zoning that requires developments to set aside a certain percentage of units for permanently affordable housing
  • Eliminate the “buy out” that is offered to developers instead of following the requirement for park land dedication.
  • Return control of the Lakewood Housing Authority to City Council
  • Opt-in to increase affordable housing through monies available from Proposition 123. Without this commitment Lakewood will miss out on tax monies voters approved to be used.
  • Relieve financial stress and improve quality of life through a down-payment assistant program for ownership.

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