Environmental Sustainability/Parks & Open Space

Preserving and protecting our natural environment and increasing parks and open space is another top priority for our community. A sea of concrete dotted by urban heat islands is not sustainable. I have heard and support their position. As mayor, I would champion ideas put forth from the community:

  • The idea proposed by Clean Energy Lakewood that the sustainability department be removed from the umbrella of another department.
  • The idea proposed by Westland neighbors that developers should not be permitted to buy out of park land dedication requirements
  • Continue to support and increase the popular and successful Sustainable Neighborhoods program.

Sustainability for me is not just a buzzword. It means caring for our natural environment with an eye towards the future. It means creating policies that address the tree canopy and other goals in our Sustainability Plan. Without pragmatic leadership like mine, our Sustainability Plan will remain merely aspirational and never come to fruition.

I have a history of protecting Lakewood’s parks and open spaces and pledge to continue to do so. I successfully advocated for restoring Park Protections to our zoning ordinance after it was removed in 2012. People who know me are quite aware of my passion for supporting healthy natural environments within the microcosm of our neighborhoods and considering such features in both residential and commercial projects.

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