Community Resources/Parks & Recreation

Our community resources are used to support the health and well-being of diverse families and those on fixed incomes. As our community continues to grow we can:

  • Restore services to pre-pandemic levels at the minimum.
  • Open the therapy pool at Whitlock and expand water classes for those with arthritis at the Link
  • Free admission for Lakewood kids to rec centers and pools.
  • Expand the Middle School Sports Program (MSSP) to include an arts program.
  • Begin the process of expanding or building new recreation facilities/community centers. School buildings in existing neighborhoods with already existing classrooms, restrooms, parking, sports facilities, may make wonderful community centers where classes and social activities of all sorts could be offered, community groups could meet, visiting lecturers present, and so much more.

All people deserve safe places to play and recreate regardless of socio-economic status.

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